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Offers are invited from interested parties for the following works/ material requirements. Please make sure to keep your offers precise and updated as per our exact requirements. Closing date of the tenders should be strictly adhered to. CONCOR also reservs the right to accept or reject any proposal without giving any reason to the parties affected.

S.No.Last date of SubmissionLast date of SaleTitle
S.No. 1. Last date of Submission 18/03/2019 -  18.03.2019 15:00 Last date of Sale 17.03.2019 16:00 Title Con/Scr/Ro/Hr/VehicleHire-RO-SNF-NPL/01/2019-Hiring of Four Light Motor Vehicles Cars with Drivers on monthly hiring basis for deployment at CONCOR Secunderabad Hyderabad and Nagalapalle(Download)
Clarification/ Corrigendum Dated 02/03/2019 (Download)
S.No. 2. Last date of Submission 19/03/2019 -  19.03.2019 15:00 Last date of Sale 18.03.2019 17:00 Title CON/NR/ENGG/Enlistment/2019-Expression of interest for Enlistment of Contractor for calling and finalization of limited tender to carry out the misc repair, maintenance and other civil works up to value of Rs. 25 lakhs in the Northern Region(Download)
S.No. 3. Last date of Submission 22/03/2019 -  22.03.2019 15:00 Last date of Sale 21.03.2019 16:00 Title CON/NWR/Tenders-IIa/PFT-SUKHPUR-TPT/289/2019-Transportation of containers between PFT SUKHPUR and Other destinations(Download)
S.No. 4. Last date of Submission 25/03/2019 -  25.03.2019 18:00 Last date of Sale 24.03.2019 18:00 Title CON/T/BLCS/WAGON-2700/2018-2700 nos. (i.e. 1080 nos. BLCSA Wagon and 1620 nos. BLCSB Wagon) Broad Gauge BOGIE CONTAINER FLAT WAGON TYPE ―BLCS (A&B-CAR)(Download)
Clarification/ Corrigendum Dated 08/03/2019 (Download)
Clarification/ Corrigendum Dated 13/03/2019 (Download)
S.No. 5. Last date of Submission 25/03/2019 -  25.03.2019 17:00 Last date of Sale 23.03.2019 17:30 Title CON/ICD/TKD/TECH/TRUNK RADIO SET/2018-19-Online tenders in Single Bid system are invited for Supply of 79 nos. Trunk Radio Sets (with accessories) on lease at ICD/Tughlakabad and DCT/Okhla for Two years and further extendable by one year(Download)
S.No. 6. Last date of Submission 26/03/2019 -  26.03.2019 17:00 Last date of Sale 25.03.2019 16:00 Title CON/WR/MIS/141/2019/01-Open Tender in Two Bid System for Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Hardware (PCs, Printers, MFPs, Router, Switches & UPS)and Software (MS-Office) at ICD-Mulund (Mumbai), Dronagiri (Navi Mumbai), MMLP Tihi (Indore) & MMLP Balli (Goa) for EDI Customs.(Download)
S.No. 7. Last date of Submission 27/03/2019 -  27.03.2019 17:00 Last date of Sale 27.03.2019 17:00 Title CON/CR/Auction/2018-19/1-ONLINE AUCTION For Cargo UNDER SECTION 48 OF THE CUSTOMS ACT, 1962 and Empty Domestic Container, Loose scarp/items lying at ICD-Nagpur, ICD-Aurangabad, ICD-Bhusawal and ICD-Raipur(Download)
S.No. 8. Last date of Submission 27/03/2019 -  27.03.2019 15:00 Last date of Sale 26.03.2019 16:00 Title CON/NR/TC/DDL/C&H/2019-Conservancy, Housekeeping & Horticulture Services at ICD/Dhandari Kalan (Ludhiana), ICD/Dhappar, ICDPSWC/Dhappar, DCT/Phillaur & ICD/Baddi.(Download)
S.No. 9. Last date of Submission 29/03/2019 -  29.03.2019 11:00 Last date of Sale 29.03.2019 11:00 Title 10/29th March 2019/CONCOR/MSTC/2018-19-Selling various types of Uncleared/Unclaimed imported cargo brought into India and Scrap items, Damaged Empty Containers, etc, through Online Auction(Download)
S.No. 10. Last date of Submission 02/04/2019 -  02.04.2019 17:00 Last date of Sale 01.04.2019 17:00 Title CON/SCR/EP/ZC-ICD SNF & DCT NPL/2019-20-Annual maintenance contract for Civil works at ICD/SNF & DCT/NPL for a period of one year and extendable to one more year(Download)
S.No. 11. Last date of Submission 03/04/2019 -  03.04.2019 15:00 Last date of Sale 02.04.2019 16:00 Title CON/NGP/RO/Cont. Repair/2019/06 dt.13.03.2019-E- Tender for Leasing of space for repair of ISO/DSO Containers (20 FT, 22 ft 40 ft & 45 FT) in Inland Container Depots at Nagpur, Aurangabad, Bhusawal, Raipur and Mandideep including MMLP at Naya Raipur & Empty Park/MMLP at Mihan and CRTs(Download)
S.No. 12. Last date of Submission 04/04/2019 -  04.04.2019 15:00 Last date of Sale 04.04.2019 14:00 Title CON/NR/TECH/RSTs/2019-Providing professional services for operation and maintenance of 28 Nos of Loaded 45T 5 High Reach Stacker machines of Northern Region(Download)
S.No. 13. Last date of Submission 04/04/2019 -  04.04.2019 15:00 Last date of Sale 03.04.2019 16:00 Title CON/SR/OTL/0319/20-Supply of One Time Locks OTLs with anti spin lock Pad Locks and Plastic Security Strip Seals required at various Container Terminals of CONCOR Southern Region(Download)
Clarification/ Corrigendum Dated 22/03/2019 (Download)
S.No. 14. Last date of Submission 06/04/2019 -  06.04.2019 17:00 Last date of Sale 05.04.2019 17:00 Title CON/WR/Engg/TRACK MAINT WORKS for TIHI/11/2019-Repair and Maintenance contract of Railway tracks at TIHI Madhya Pradesh(Download)
S.No. 15. Last date of Submission 09/04/2019 -  09.04.2019 15:00 Last date of Sale 08.04.2019 16:00 Title CON/NWR/Tenders-ll(a)/Printing/290/2019-PRINTING AND SUPPLY OF STATIONERY ITEMS TO REGIONAL OFFICE OF CONCOR, AHMEDABAD AND OTHER TERMINALS OF NORTH WEST REGION, GUJARAT.(Download)
S.No. 16. Last date of Submission 12/04/2019 -  12.04.2019 15:00 Last date of Sale 11.04.2019 16:00 Title CON/NR/TC/H And T/ICD/PSWC Dappar /2019-Handling & Terminal Transportation of containers at ICD/PSWC, Dappar(Download)
S.No. 17. Last date of Submission 12/04/2019 -  12.04.2019 15:00 Last date of Sale 11.04.2019 18:00 Title CON/CR-WR-NWR/OandM/RST/2019-Providing professional services for operation and maintenance of 27 nos of Loaded -45Tx5 High- Reach Stacker machines of KONE, SANY and TIL-Hyster make at various terminals of CONCOR - Nagpur, Mandideep in Central Region, Dronagiri, Pitampura , TIHI in Western Region and Khodiyar, Ankleshwar in North Western Region(Download)
S.No. 18. Last date of Submission 23/04/2019 -  23.04.2019 15:00 Last date of Sale 22.04.2019 16:00 Title CON/SR/MVN/HNLD & ROAD TPT/0319/21-Handling at bidder arranged storage yard and Road Transportation of Coastal/Domestic Containers from/to V O C port and vice versa including to customers premises for stuffing /destuffing at Tuticorin(Download)

In addition to the above, CONCOR has started putting tenders on CPP portal meant for publishing Government Tenders.