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Work Cultures & Values

Work Cultures & Values

CONCOR work culture is open and dynamic enabling employees to take initiatives in jobs with an active support of the top management. Employees are assigned responsibility at the earlier stages of their career contributing significantly to their skill development and growth. CONCOR work culture is characterized by:

  • Employee empowerment
  • Teamwork
  • Two way open communications
  • Top management support
  • Performance Orientation
  • Respect for the individual
  • Fairness and Justice
  • Equality
  • Transparency in Decision Making
  • Satisfactory employee Rewards and Resources

With such an open work culture, employees feels free and utilize all the resources and communication channels in order to contribute effectively to meet the organization's goal and achieve the quality objectives by making value addition in the processes.

Further, CONCOR encourages its employees to participate in the decision making process through a formal system of 'Employee's Suggestion Scheme'. Employees continuously make use of this suggestion scheme which has considerably facilitated improvement in operational efficiency of CONCOR thereby contributing towards the quality objectives.

CONCOR is a public sector enterprise which provides relatively higher degree of job security. Further, CONCOR is a profitable enterprise with a pool of productive, and efficient workforce. CONCOR is having a very lean manpower structure and all the employees have been trained and specialized in performing their roles and functions and delivering desired results.

CONCOR takes care of the needs of the employees with an efficient and speedy 'Grievance Redressal System'. At higher levels interactive meetings are conducted to gain the opinions of the employees on specific topics. Feedback received from the CONCOR Employees' Union about various ground level issues affecting the workmen is duly deliberated and considered at appropriate levels.

CONCOR has well defined and transparent personnel policies connected with the employee welfare, employee engagement and social security of the employees in general. Personnel policies for hiring, career development, employee perks and benefits and social security are structured in a planned manner in order to motivate and engage employees for delivering their best output for achieving CONCOR objectives. Conduct rules are in place for officers for ensuring that the conduct of officers is in sync with the actions required for the achievement of organizational objectives.

CONCOR has a performance oriented culture wherein contribution of every employee to the organization is measured and suitably rewarded. CONCOR boast of a sound and result oriented Performance Management System (PMS). The system promote the CONCOR philosophy of recognizing and rewarding meritocracy at all levels and supporting development of the Executives through a structured approach woven into the appraisal process of the company.